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Parlux 1800 Eco Edition has all the already well-known characteristics of the latest technology appreciated by hair stylists in terms of life, balance and ergonomic design.  Ideal for those who look for a professional...
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YS 645 Dye Brush - It has a non-slip body for extra grip and comfort to relieve stress on wrist - It has crimped bristles on the brush end to hold extra colour without dripping - The curvature of the handle when used...
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YS-234 Soft Comb YS-234 Soft Comb
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YS 234 Short hair design comb - A scissor-over-comb specialised tool. - For eyebrows, beard or close up sloping at the back. - The comb allows you to flex it against the scalp without pushing hard against the head. -...
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YS 452 Cutting Comb - It is recommended for long and thick hair. - Round teeth similar as our fingers - Great for de-tangling - It has a wavy backing in order for easy grip. - Top teeth of the comb is shorter to allow...
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YS G45 Fine Guide Cutting Comb - It has a 90 degrees (perpendicular) tip to fit the head shape - Features a measurement guide on the spine for accurately checking symmetry, fringe lengths etc. - Permanently lasered...
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YS 334 Fine Cutting Comb - Basic fine cutting comb - Super fine flat teeth for detailed comb work - It has a thicker wavy backing in order for easy grip. - Top teeth of the comb is shorter to allow parting/sectioning...
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Fits all types of hairdryers Non-deformable material Reinforced glass cap with 9 vented prongs Rubber hooking Designed to distribute the heat evenly, and are very useful for adding volume to your hair or for creating...
Acro Z-2 Lefty Acro Z-2 Lefty
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Nano-Powder Metal ACRO Z-2 is proved its durability and hair-friendly by scientific analysis. The sharp cutting edge angle makes it easy to catch and cut the hair keenly it does not miss to the end of the panel. It...
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