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It is made from carbon material, it surely is superior in terms of appropriate light weight and heat resistance, and also reduces static electricity at the time of hair cutting.. In addition, it does not damage hair...
It is a combination of thick comb teeth with wide V-shaped grooves and normal-shaped teeth. Make a large gap in the shaped panel. Recommended for cutting hard hair, hirsute and strong habit hair.
ProEdge is a unique cutting comb with ledge. It is designed for fast and accurate scissor and clipper over hair cutting comb. The accurately positions allows the cutting tool to perform a smoother and steadier hair...
Leader 985 carbon comb is made of carbon fibre compound resin which reduce the electrostatic the discharges on the hair when in use. It's reduces split ends. It is heat resistant below 180 degrees. Dimension: L -...
This long hair cutting comb are designed with a 3D shape tip which enable to comb and hold the hair smoothly.  Heat Resistant: 210 degree Material: Polyetherimide Dimension: L- 212mm x W - 27mm Colour: Red and Navy
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