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No boundary barbering & hairdressing “CROSSOVER”. An optimum pair scissors for the cross-over style was fabricated that manages both the stable feeling that is important for scissors over comb cut in men’s style...
Nano-Powder Metal ACRO Z-2 is proved its durability and hair-friendly by scientific analysis. The sharp cutting edge angle makes it easy to catch and cut the hair keenly it does not miss to the end of the panel. It...
Ichi-Nino-San 1 Ichi-Nino-San 1
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Extramarise I Cobalt Alloy Perfect for the initial shaping of a hairstyle. This reliable almighty scissor is recommended for base cut use. With the slim blades, it is good for nape line and point cut. Available : 5.5...
Ichi-Nino-San 2 ( Slide ) Ichi-Nino-San 2 ( Slide )
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The R blades design cuts the hair smoothly and does not damage the hair. Simply experience the smooth slid dry cutting feeling and get addict with it. Available : 5.5 Inch / 6.0 Inch
Blacksmith New Retro Blacksmith New Retro
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Extramarise I Cobalt Alloy The "RETRO" is named as to return to the basic = redesign. This simple outlook shape scissor is redesign with years of expertise in appropriate position of the screw system, fingers rest,...
New RETRO Thinning 30 ( Blacksmith) New RETRO Thinning 30 ( Blacksmith)
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Extramarise I Cobalt Alloy This thinning scissors are slim and easy to use. The basic revel set handles thinner which is redesigned in getting back to the original feeling. 
Fit PUFFIN (Blacksmith) Fit PUFFIN (Blacksmith)
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Extramarise I Cobalt Alloy PUFFIN. Useful in all situations, it is an all-round player. This scissors is an all-round player to be good at the blunt cut and the chop cut, also the slide cut and the stroke cut. This...
Solid Black Solid Black
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Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy The new SOLID is on a different level! Even cuts well for men's hair. The shift of the centre of gravity closer to the hand is to prevent wobbling during the hair cutting. And a unique...
Solid Lefty 6.0 Solid Lefty 6.0
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Improved sense of stability with a handle that has a new balance design that places the center of gravity closer to your hand, reducing wobbliness while cutting. Tireless, with maximum sharpness.
Acroleaf WIDE M – Heavy Acroleaf WIDE M – Heavy
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Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy These are top heavy and powerful scissors that utilised its weight. A smooth slide cutting feeling and does not give any damages to the hair cuticles. Good for shoulder length hair and long...
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