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Posted on24/08/2021

Parlux is renowned for making powerful and stylish hairdryers that are built to withstand continuous use in a professional environment. The Parlux Alyon is a great example of why their reputation is still thoroughly well deserved.  Everything about this compact and lightweight dryer is a pleasure, from its stylish and sleek design, in no less than ten colour choices, to its intuitive controls and a powerful and reliable motor. Equipped with most styling attachment nozzles that look great and fits like a dream. You won’t find anything outside the norm here in terms of special settings,  Imagine walking into a fancy hair salon, you’re very likely to spot a Parlux in the hands of the stylist and there’s a good reason for that. That's because it is an absolute workhorse packed into an agile Italian stallion body. Of course, they say looks aren’t everything, but the most pleasing thing about the design of the Parlux Alyon is how it feels in the hand. At just 425g, this is a true featherweight product and it is only a shade heavier than your average travel hairdryer, and yet it can match any of the big boys for power and speed. Size-wise, it’s a small little thing too, around 18cm across in length and barely over 20cm down in height to the base of the cord.  This is a hairdryer that does not mess around. Based on just power itself, it is on the higher end of the scale at 2250W. It certainly feels powerful when you are using it, particularly with one of the two smoothing nozzles included. This action allows it emits a fast and concentrated flow that the hair had no choice but to follow and flow into smooth and frizz-free sheets. 

This is also an ionic dryer which means it emits a flow of ions that counteract the hair’s natural positive charge to help prevent frizz. Ions also can also help disperse water droplets for faster drying. It’s this littleness that makes drying with the Alyon such a pleasure. It is so light and agile in the hand that an arm ache is highly unlikely to bother anyone using it even those with very long, thick, or curly hair. If you are someone who likes to do the whole blow-dry with sectioning clips or with round brushes, this would be a perfect choice. That compact, lightweight body is supremely non-strenous to flip around in the hand and hold at any angle while creating those perfect flicks of the wrist. No doubt this is another reason why it is so beloved by the pros as if they are going to spend all day holding a piece of equipment, why not make it a light one right?



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