Mizutani Scissors

Mizutani Scissors

From ancient times, we felt we should not forget the thought “to use a favourite tool regularly for a long time”, living in a time of mass production and mass consumption. We are particular about hand-making one by one as the result of research and development by ourselves from the material foundations to design and production with considering the relation between “Hair”, “Hand” and “Scissors”. We from Mizutani Scissors Japan are continuously making our products without forgetting the tradition, passion, pride and skill that have been taken over from craftsman to craftsman in many generations. Our scissors are not standardized articles made by machine. All are “Not the same” so there is warmth in each and it is fit and finished by hand one by one from the steel plate. Everybody is strongly attached to the scissors that has used for a long time. The scissors in the picture were made by our founder and it has been used by a barber for 30 years with proper maintenance and sharpening until the tip become thin. Affectionately you use your scissors we made for a long time that is our supreme pleasure.

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