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YS Park

The Inventor – Hair Designer – Philosophy

Beauty tools, born from a hair designer’s creativity are made to be gentle to hair, and with respect to environment.

  1. Getting maximum results with minimal effort
  2. Speed simplicity & economizing our natural resources
  3. The Optimization of each work process – Technical Skill – Choosing the proper tool
  4. Hair is a living material of nature which is not easily damaged during the hair styling process.
  5. The professional knows how to use the right tool for the right circumstance.
  6. A proper well equipped salon will have a well trained staff, a proper and good tool, efficiently working together to accomplish each day’s work.
YS 107 Winding Tail Comb The spacing between each tooth is gradually narrowed by 1/100 mm from the previous tooth. It creates equal tension throughout the length of the comb, allowing the user to wind hair extremely...
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YS 645 Dye Brush - It has a non-slip body for extra grip and comfort to relieve stress on wrist - It has crimped bristles on the brush end to hold extra colour without dripping - The curvature of the handle when used...
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YS Concave level mirror - It is equipped with a horizontal metre frame, right angle, 45 degrees further seen - In line with the grid, you can exact proportion and balance of hair shape and make-up. size: W300 × H240 ×...
YS Daruma Brush - For thick and difficult to manage hair - It is quick-drying and prevents split ends - Pure natural boar bristles create a glossy and neat smooth finishing - There are many air holes inside the brush...
YS Open Double Mirror YS Open Double Mirror
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YS Open double mirror · Reflects a double sided balance view of all angles - A person will feel "beauty" visually in the "golden ratio" design. - Easy to hold, friendly hand. (Round handle) - Small-and medium-sized,...
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YS 234 Short hair design comb - A scissor-over-comb specialised tool. - For eyebrows, beard or close up sloping at the back. - The comb allows you to flex it against the scalp without pushing hard against the head. -...
more colours available
YS 252 Short hair design comb - A scissor-over-comb specialized tool.  It's flexible spine is designed and shaped to the fingers for comfort, great for short hair and closer edges. The comb allows you to flex it...
more colours available
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