Fit Flat Screw Black

In all kinds of cutting methods, the triangle handle keeps a constant fit to your finger.

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PRECISIONER is newly designed scissors that have been extremely detailed based on Josh’s outstanding haircut technique. Ideal scissors for men's precision cuts that are drawing attention around the world has arrived....
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Not only for blunt cuts, this tool is handy for nape lines and point cuts. These scissors are great in all situations.
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Can be created a rough bunch feeling. The point is holding the scissor diagonally and sliding cut. When you pomade to hair, you can make rough bunch feeling quickly. For sure, it’s a very useful thinning scissors for...
Ichi-Nino-San 2 ( Slide ) Ichi-Nino-San 2 ( Slide )
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The R blades design cuts the hair smoothly and does not damage the hair. Simply experience the smooth slid dry cutting feeling and get addict with it. Available : 5.5 Inch / 6.0 Inch
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Schorem Master Blending(Limited Edition) Schorem Master Blending(Limited Edition)
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The long-awaited BLENDING THINNING has appeared in the SCHOREM MASTER PINK FLAMINGO with a limited edition of 400! “PINK FLAMINGO”, born out of Bertus' eagerness, is a scissor that embodies the feelings underlying...
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Improved sense of stability with a handle that has a new balance design that places the center of gravity closer to your hand, reducing wobbliness while cutting. Tireless, with maximum sharpness.
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Acro Crossover CR-2 (6.7 INCH) Acro Crossover CR-2 (6.7 INCH)
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No boundary barbering & hairdressing “CROSSOVER”. An optimum pair scissors for the cross-over style was fabricated that manages both the stable feeling that is important for scissors over comb cut in men’s style...
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NANO POWDER METAL Ensuring support for the hairdressers whose hands get tired from cutting the hair of the male customers. Further,mizutani has aimed to be gentle to your hands by adding a Thrust Bearing to the screw,...
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Solid series Solid series
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Extramarise II Cobalt Alloy The new SOLID is on a different level! Even cuts well for men's hair. The shift of the centre of gravity closer to the hand is to prevent wobbling during the hair cutting. And a unique...
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Solid Thinning 30% Solid Thinning 30%
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Pushing beyond the current Standard It further enhance Mizutani's standard in thinning scissors technology. Available : 30% cut rate
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