Windy Rods

Standard size: 14 types (φ32 φ29 φ26 φ23 φ20 φ17 φ15 φ13 φ12 φ11 φ10 φ9 φ8 )

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φ8-Purple, φ9-Dark green, φ10- Blue, φ11- Light Orange, φ12- Pink,  φ13-Peach, φ17-Green, φ20-Yellow, φ23-Orange, φ26-Pink, φ29-Green and φ32 Light Blue 

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φ15- dark blue ,φ17-Light Green,φ20- Yellow,φ23- Peach,φ26- Pink,φ29- Dark Green ,φ32- Light Blue ,φ40- Orange



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