Sacra-05 Brown

A case with attractive large-capacity storage .

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It can be a wagon or a scissor case for carrying. Soft leather is used for the material. You can put the tools separately for the easiest use when unfolded. A stopper is attached to prevent the scissor from dropping...
Sacra-18 Sacra-18
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It will be a wagon or a scissor case for carrying. The material is a tight leather. There are 5 scissors. The tools can be stored separately so that they can be used most easily in the unfolded state. You can also put...
From assistants to stylists, "It is a soft leather scissor case that can be widely used. Unlike a smart silhouette that looks, you can put 3 scissors on the front, 4 scissors on the main body, up to 7 sacra scissor...
Designed with three front pockets to make it easy to divide tools. Leather is used according to the application, such as a little hard leather for parts where tools are loaded and a part where a sense of stability is...
A soft leather scissor case that can be widely used by assistants and stylists. It features a rough storage space. The slot holder can be removed for easy cleaning. One of the features is that the weight is light...
It's popular because it can store a lot of tools and its attractive shape makes it easy to match various costumes. It has a storage space that matches the usage of tools such as brushes and combs, and has a structure...
more colours available
Sacra SA-16 Sacra SA-16
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The SA-16 has a simple and smart design with a pocket on the front that is ideal for storing brushes. From its stylish appearance, it can be matched with any outfit such as pants and skirts with a refreshing impression.



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